56661black Design ID: 56661

Years in production: 2006 Available Colours:

Part 56661 serves as the headpiece for the minifigure form of Reidak.


The piece is modeled after the head of the BIONICLE figure Reidak. It is black and rather lumpy, with printed red eyes connected to tubes that run to the back of the head. A third tubular protrusion sprouts from the center of the forehead. The chin is large in proportion to the head and juts out, which, coupled with printing of teeth bared in a snarl, gives him a menacing but rather witless expression, exactly how Reidak's personality is made out to be.

There is a small hole in the bottom of the head that allows it to be connected to a rod or his body piece. In the back of the head is another hole, this one intended for his spine part to fit into. This, too, can hold a small rod.




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