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57532pb01 Design ID: 57532pb01

Years in production: 2007 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Bright Light Orange:

Part 57532pb01 is a BIONICLE part introduced in 2007. It is exclusive to the BIONICLE theme and is called 'BIONICLE Mask Garai with Black Face'. It has only been used for Hewkii, and unlike every other mask, it does not have an axle connector behind the mouth to connect it to the head. Instead it is connected onto the head through the brain at the sides. It also has two shaft holes at the front to connect air pipes, and two on the top to connect spikes. It is moulded out of two colours, Bright Light Orange and Black.

In the BIONICLE storyline, it is the Garai, the Mask of Gravity. It is worn by Toa Mahri Hewkii and was transformed from the Kanohi Sanok.


Bright Light Orange


Bright Light Orange:

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