57562 Green Design ID: 57562
Element IDs:
4498066 (Trans Green)
4503165 (Trans Blue)
Years in production: 2007 Pick a Brick price: N/A Appearances:

Part 57562 is a BIONICLE part introduced in 2007. It was first used on the BIONICLE theme and is called 'BIONICLE Barraki Spine Flexible'.


The spine piece is long and thin with a TECHNIC hole at each end and several tall, narrow spikes lining the top. each side sports a line of smaller spike-stubs. In its green variant, the two spikes on the ends are yellow, as is the rod section from which the other ones sprout. This yellow blends with the green of the other spikes and the TECHNIC holes. The blue variant has a similar design, with a light blue rod and ending spikes and a darker trnasparent blue being the colour of the rest.

Gallery of Variants

Trans Green
Trans Blue


Multicombination; Trans Green
Multicombination; Trans Blue

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