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CrystalSkull Design ID: 63859
Element IDs:
Years in production: 2008 - 2009 Available Colours:

Part 63859, also known as Skull 3X3X1 2/3 and the Crystal Skull, is a piece used exclusively for the Indiana Jones theme. It is a unique skull piece.


The skull is larger than minifigure heads and has a unique shape. It is transparent with a sculpted face and a large, oval shaped head coloured dark blue inside. It has two eye sockets, indentations for the nose and an engraved grin. It can fit on one stud, a minifigure hand or a minifigure torso.


The Crystal Skull is a skull of one of twelve inter-dimensional beings in the story. It was sought after by Irina Spalko, a Russian professor, as she believed it could help the Soviet Union in its quest of world domination.

Gallery of Variants

Transparent w/ Blue Brain



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