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Part 973px579 is a LEGO minifigure body piece that was created to be used as Galen Marek's body piece. It has only appeared in one LEGO Star Wars set. It is meant to represent Galen Marek's Training gear.

Physical Appearance

Part 973px579 is a LEGO minifigure body piece that shares the same mould used for standard body pieces.

The body piece depicts Galen Marek's training gear. The body piece is overall black. It is torn and ripped, from Galen's intense missions. He has two metal plates located at the chest area. What seems to look like a bandage is wrapped around the stomach area, and blood stains show. His left arm piece is flesh colored, his right arm piece is black, and both hand pieces are colored black.


Part 973px579 has only been released in the set 7672 Rogue Shadow, which was released in 2008 in the Star Wars Expanded Universe line.

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