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98585 Design ID: 98585

Years in production: 2012 Pick a Brick price: N/A Available Colours:

Part 98585 is a Hero Factory part, but it has never appeared in a Hero Factory set. It has only appeared in the LEGO Super Heroes theme and is known as a weapon barrel or revolver piece. It can attach to both pins and axles and it is used to make a weapon in every set that it has appeared in. It has 2 pin holes and 3 axle holes, for attaching it to pins and axles. It is a Technic piece which explains why it only appears in sets made of Technic parts. It is not confirmed whether it is exclusive to LEGO Super Heroes or not. So far, the only set available that has this piece is 4527 The Joker, since 4529 Iron Man doesn't come until April or May. This piece only comes in two colors, both transparent and fluorescent. Since it is a Hero Factory piece, it is likely that 2013 may utilize this piece for the Hero Factory sets. Both sets that have it are similar, since both are action-figure like toys based off super hero comics/movies.



Transparent Fluorescent Green:

Transparent Fluorescent Blue:

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