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Clone gunner helmet Design ID: x1908px5

Years in production: 2009 Available Colours:

Part x1458px5 also knows as the Phase I Clone Gunner helmet is a LEGO minifigure helmet. It is a white Clone Trooper helmet with gold and black markings. The helmet was included in several sets in the The Clone Wars line.

Physical Appearance

The mask covers a whole minifigure head. The helmet shares the same basic design of a standard Star Wars: The Clone Wars helmet, in specifics, a coloured on black T-visor, with an upside down V popping out at the bottom of the visor. A pointed area pops out at the top. Many small details are also given to make it resemble a helmet from the Clone Wars. Unlike standard Clone Wars helmets, this helmet has a gold area at the top of the helmet. On both sides of the gold segment are two Republic Symbols.


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