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Pirate Splash Battle
Park: LEGOLAND Billund
Area: Pirate Land
Pirate Splash Battle is an attraction at LEGOLAND Billund.

Official description

All hands on deck! Sail with the pirate ship and be ready at the cannons! If you don’t fire first, you’re sure to get hit! Take the whole family along to this crazy sea battle, where only really cool kids are dry when they return.

Pirate Splash Battle is a family attraction that takes parents and children on an adventurous and challenging pirate expedition, bound for a sea battle.

Sail with the pirate ship and be ready at the (water) cannons. If you don’t fire first, you’re sure to be hit! Take the whole family to this magnificent sea battle, where only the coolest voyagers are dry when they return.

You can look forward to an adventurous voyage among fierce-looking LEGO® pirates, chattering parrots and spooky shipwrecks. So, hold your breath and keep your eyes open, for the ship will be attacked when you least expect it – by other pirate ships and by cannons on the shore, where landlubbers take aim with jets of water.

There is room for 8 fierce pirates on each of the 8 ships

On the voyage, the ships meet 16 interactive targets

On shore, 11 interactive water cannons are ready to attack pirate ships as they pass by.


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