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Pirate Wave Breaker
Pirate wave breaker
Park: LEGOLAND Billund
Area: Pirate Land
Pirate Wave Breaker is a themepark attraction at LEGOLAND Billund.


"Board the wave-bashing, blood-red Pirate Wave Breaker, the ship that makes even seasoned pirates shriek with laughter as it pounds its way through the waves."

"Go on a wild pirate expedition with the Pirate Wave Breaker – if you dare."

"Step aboard the wave-bashing, blood-red ship that makes even seasoned pirates shriek with laughter as it pounds through the waves. Pirate Wave Breaker rolls, pitches and turns, so you feel like you’re in the midst of the worst possible storm that ever raged on the seven seas."

"Pirate Wave Breaker is tons of fun, and the whole family will love taking this pirate voyage together."

"Did you know that Pirate Wave Breaker is 14 metres long, 5.5 metres high, and weighs 8 tons? But then there is plenty of room for all the pirates!"


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