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Polybags are small plastic bags used by LEGO for minifigures and small sets. Many polybags are promotional, in other words, designed to be targeted to all stores. Others are exclusives for Target, Daily Mirror, or other companies, and some are special small sets such as Seasonal sets and Collectable Minifigures.

List of Polybags

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Typically to the Basic sets released in the 80's, their polybags follow colour scheme representing the age group - red packages for 3+ sets and blue for 5+ sets. A series of polybags containing vehicles were attached to McDonald's Happy Meals. There were also some Basic polybags released in Classic subtheme.






Extreme Team



In 2012 Friends mini-dolls with a handful of accessories could be obtained from promotional polybags or from a short series of mini-sets also packed in polybags. The sets from Friends Animals (Friends subtheme) are released in series of three bags each. Also school accessories and Friends-themed gadgets are often packed in polybags.

Harry Potter (Theme)

The Hobbit

The LEGO Movie

Life on Mars

The Lone Ranger

Lord of The Rings

Minifigures (Theme)

The minifigures sold separately in sealed bags are designed to enrich owner's collection as they suit many LEGO themes. Their packages are sometimes referred to as polybags, although they are in fact made of metal foil instead of plastic.

Monster Fighters

Monthly Mini Model Build



Rock Raiders


Seasonal polybags are released to celebrate holidays and special events throughout the year. Some of them were attached to promotional packages of sweets, soft drinks etc.

Service Packs

Star Wars



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