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Poodle is an animal minifigure that appears in the Friends theme. It was introduced in 2013 and has two variations so far.


The poodle has its exclusive single-part mould. It is in sitting position with slanted back, short neck and slim slanted head. The fur on its feet, ears, head, and tail are exceptionally fluffy, which represent the typical poodle haircut. Both variations are white.


  • The first variation has light blue eyes and around her neck, she wears a pink collar with some silver dots and a short chain.

The creature has green eyes and wears a chain and a lavender scarf around its neck.


Joanna brings her poodle to the pet salon, where Emma pampers her up.
The other poodle lives in a kennel called Little Palace. It loves being adored and groomed by girls. Apart from perfecting its appearance it likes playing with a ball.
Lady the poodle is accompanying Emma in the Heartlake Shopping Mall during a charity event, in which Emma works as a DJ to rise funds for rescuing jungle animals.


  • The identity of the first variation of poodle is somehow mixed-up. In the 41007 Heartlake Pet Salon official set's description the creature is described as Joanna's unnamed pet poodle, which is groomed by Emma. However in the TV advert of this set the poodle is called Lady and belongs to Emma. Joanna is shown as a salon employee. This arrangement seems to be more accurate, since in 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall set description the poodle is presented as "Emma's dog, Lady".
  • In the book LEGO Friends: Character Encyclopedia, the first variation is called Lady and the second variation is called Celie.

Gallery of Variants

Lady (scarf)
From 41007
and 41058
From 41021


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