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Recent LEGO Themes
This page presents an overview of LEGO's most recent themes. Most of these themes were launched in the current or last year, and have ongoing or forthcoming releases. The set-lists do not include magnet sets, keychains, books, games or promotional releases.
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Sets (2015):


Sets (2013):
30230 Galaxy Walker30231 Space Insectoid70700 Space Swarmer70701 Swarm Interceptor70702 Warp Stinger70703 Star Slicer70704 Vermin Vaporiser70705 Bug Obliterator70706 Crater Creeper70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech70708 Hive Crawler70709 Galactic Titan

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Sets (2013):
79106 Cavalry79107 Comanche Camp79108 Stagecoach Escape79109 Colby City Duel79110 Danger in the Silver Mine79111 Constitution Train Chase

Older themes with ongoing releases

ArchitectureCityCreatorLegends of ChimaNinjagoStar WarsTrains

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