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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a licensed LEGO sub-theme that features sets based on the Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, itself based on the video game of the same name. There was only one wave of sets, which were all released on April 26, 2010. In an unusual move, the first commercials for the theme broadcasted on April 5 of 2010, weeks before the sets were released. There are no further sets planned for the theme and it was discontinued in that same year of 2010 similar to the move of The Lone Ranger which did the same thing. Since there is no Sequel planned, LEGO has stopped making sets for the theme due to the fact there is no more scenes to recreate.


The sets of this theme are broadly based on specific scenes in the movie, though considerable license was taken with accuracy. A design feature of the larger sets is a significant number of exposed studs on vertical surfaces, intended to allow players to replicate the athletic wall-running stunts characteristic of the movie and games. The sets are notable for introducing new LEGO animal figures, such as camels and ostriches. They also feature new pieces and accessories for Minifigures, which use the flesh-colored faces common to licensed lines. Most sets contain many gold-colored pieces and elements in the new medium-nougat color, an off-brown shade introduced in the line, though used in several other places since.


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DastanDastan (Shirtless)Dastan (No Scabbard)Princess TaminaSesoSheik AmarAsokaNizamZolmGhazabGoolSetamTamahAlamut Guard (Variant 1)Alamut Guard (Variant 2)Market SellerOstrich Jockey

List of sets

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
20017 20017  Dagger Trap  52  Dastan     May 2010 
7569 alt1 7569  Desert Attack  57  Dastan


$10.99 / €13.99  April 2010 
7570-box 7570  The Ostrich Race  169  Dastan

Sheik Amar

Ostrich Jockey  
$19.99 / €19.99  April 2010 
7571-1 7571  The Fight for the Dagger  258  Dastan

AsokaPrincess Tamina

Market Seller  
$29.99 / €34.99  April 2010 
Questbox 7572  Quest Against Time  506  Dastan, Princess Tamina, Nizam, Zolm   $49.99 / €59.99  April 2010 
7573boxart 7573  Battle of Alamut  821  Alamut Guard (2)DastanGoolNizamSesoTamah   $79.99  April 2010 



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