Princess Castle

2005, 2007

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DUPLO Castle

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Disney Princess

Princess Castle is a subtheme of DUPLO Castle. Primarily aimed towards young girls the sets all involve the Princess and her companions. Three sets were released in 2005, and three more in 2007.


The colours of the sets are mostly white, and many different shades of pink, the sets either focused on castle or ponies and/or horses. All the sets but 4825 Princess and Horse came with a pink tower or castle roof piece. The DUPLO Figures were either princesses or princes, all the princess had long hair with a golden crown and a dress of either gold, pink or blue, the princes where similar to a normal DUPLO figure.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
4820 Princess's Palace 4820  Princess' Palace  81  3 DUPLO Figures     2005 
4821 Princess's Horse and Carriage 4821  Princess' Horse and Carriage  17  2 DUPLO Figures     2005 
4822 Princess's Bedroom 4822  Princess' Bedroom  13  1 DUPLO Figure     2005 
4825 Princess and Horse 4825  Princess and Horse  1 DUPLO Figure   $9.99  2007 
4826 Princess and Pony Picnic 4826  Princess and Pony Picnic  19  DUPLO figure   $19.99  2007 
4828 Princess Royal Stables 4828  Princess Royal Stables  49  2 DUPLO Figures   $39.99  2007 

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