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1137 (Clone Trooper) +[[Gun]], [[Helmet]]  +
1139 (Clone Trooper) +Gun  +
212th Clone Trooper +[[Part x1741|Blaster rifle]]<br>[[Helmet]]  +
4-LOM +[[Blaster]]  +
501st Clone Pilot +[[Part 30134|Electrobinoculars]]<br>Helmet  +
501st Legion Clone Trooper +[[Part x1740|Blaster]]<br>Helmet  +
50th Anniversary Minifigure +[[Hat]]  +
A-wing pilot +[[Part 2446|Helmet]], [[part 4006|Wrench]]  +
ACU Trooper +Body Armor<br>Gun  +
ADU Computer Specialist +[[Helmet]]<br />[[Gun]]<br />Visor<br />Glasses  +
ADU Pilot +Helmet, Blaster  +
ADU Rookie +[[Gun]]<br />[[Helmet]]<br />Visor  +
ADU Scientist +Radio  +
ADU Sergeant +[[Gun]]<br />[[Helmet]]<br />Visor  +
ADU Soldier +[[Gun]]<br />[[Helmet]]<br />Visor  +
ARC Trooper +[[Part 92738|Blaster pistol]] <small>(Two)</small><br />Dark red double-sided pauldron<br />Helmet<br />Black cloth kama<br />Dark red [[Part x1910|rangefinder]]<br />Dark red [[Part x1911|visor]]<br />Backpack  +
ARF Trooper +[[Sniper Rifle|ARF-2222 Sniper Rifle]]  +
AT-DP Pilot +[[Black]] [[blaster pistol]]<br/>Helmet  +
AT-ST Pilot +[[Part x1740|Gun]]<br />[[Part x1751|Helmet]]  +
Aaron Cash +Hooked hand  +
Aaron Fox +Helmet<br/>Armour  +
Aayla Secura +Blue-bladed [[lightsaber]]  +
Acer +Machine Gun  +
Achu +[[Part 4497|Spear]], Tribal Headress, [[Part bb189pb01|Cape]], Black snake, Red snake, Sun Disk  +
Acidicus +Hypnobrai Fang Blade  +

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