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00 Special Offer +"N/A"
00-5 Puppet Set +"N/A" Free ([[promotional]])
00-6 Special Offer +"N/A"
00000 Jurassic World Gate +"N/A"
0005 1x2 Lamp Brick, 9V +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$10.00]]"N/A"
001 Gears +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$4.99]]"N/A"
0011 Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer +"N/A"
0011 Laminate Playtable Cover +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$75.00]]"N/A"
0011 Town Mini-Figures +"N/A"
0013 Space Mini-Figures +"N/A"
0014 Space Mini-Figures +"N/A"
0015 Space Mini-Figures +"N/A"
0016 Castle Mini-Figures +"N/A"
002 4.5V Gears Motor Set +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$5.00]]"N/A"
003 Master Mechanic Set +"N/A"
004 Master Builder Set +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$19.95]]"N/A"
005 Basic Building Set in Cardboard +"N/A"
0064 Dacta Idea Book +[[File:Flag-US.png|x12px|link=]] [[USPrice::$45.00]]"N/A"
00745 Creator Board Game - The Game +"N/A"
010 Basic Building Set +"N/A"
010 Basic Building Set in Cardboard +"N/A"
010 Pre-School Set +"N/A"
010-2 Basic Building Set in Cardboard +"N/A"
010-3 Basic Building Set +"N/A"
020 Basic Building Set in Cardboard +"N/A"
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