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"Dig Those Dinos" Minifigure +[[Promotional]]
"The Man Upstairs" +[[The LEGO Movie]]


00 Special Offer +[[Town]]<br/>    [[Value Pack]]
00-1 Weetabix Castle +[[LEGOLAND (Theme)|LEGOLAND]] <br/>     [[Castle]] <br/>         [[Weetabix]]<br/>            [[Promotional]]
00-2 Weetabix Promotional House 1 +[[LEGOLAND (Theme)|LEGOLAND]] <br /> [[Building]] <br /> [[Weetabix]] <br /> [[Promotional]]
00-3 Weetabix Promotional House 2 +[[LEGOLAND (Theme)|LEGOLAND]]<br/>    [[Building]]<br/>    [[Weetabix]]<br/>    [[Promotional]]
00-4 Weetabix Promotional Windmill +[[LEGOLAND (Theme)|LEGOLAND]]<br/>    [[Building]]<br/>    [[Weetabix]]<br/>    [[Promotional]]
00-5 Puppet Set +[[Model Maker]]<br/>    [[Promotional]]
00-6 Special Offer +[[Town]]<br/>    [[Value Pack]]
00-7 Weetabix Promotional LEGO Village +[[LEGOLAND (Theme)|LEGOLAND]]<br/>    [[Building]]<br/>    [[Weetabix]]<br/>    [[Promotional]]
00000 Jurassic World Gate +[[Jurassic World]]
0005 1x2 Lamp Brick, 9V +[[9V]]<br/>    [[Service Packs]]
001 Gears +[[System i Leg]]<br/>    [[System i Leg Accessories]]<br/>    [[Samsonite]]
0011 Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer +[[Castle]] <br/>     [[Bonus Pack]]s
0011 Laminate Playtable Cover +[[Dacta]]
0011 Town Mini-Figures +[[Town]]
0012 Space Mini-Figures +[[Space]]<br/>    [[Classic Space|Classic]]
0013 Space Mini-Figures +[[Space]]<br/>    [[Classic Space]]
0014 Space Mini-Figures +[[Space]]<br/>    [[Classic Space]]
0015 Space Mini-Figures +[[Space]]<br/>    [[Classic Space]]
0016 Castle Mini-Figures +[[Castle]] <br/>     [[Classic Castle|Classic]]
002 4.5V Gears Motor Set +[[System i Leg Accessories]]<br/>    [[4.5V]]
003 Master Mechanic Set +[[System i Leg]]<br/>    [[System i Leg Accessories]]
004 Master Builder Set +[[System i Leg]]<br/>    [[System i Leg Accessories]]
005 Basic Building Set in Cardboard +[[System i Leg]]
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