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0-8-4 Transport +[[Custom:Agent Ward|Agent Ward]]
0001 Shenk Familly +[[Custom:Bob Shenk|Bob Shenk]]
0002 Ouhon Familly +[[Custom:Sibast Ouhon|Sibast Ouhon]]
0003 The big bank +[[Custom:Bob Shenk|Bob Shenk]]
0004 The store of pieces +[[Custom:Sibast Ouhon|Sibast Ouhon]]
0005 Richard Louis Ambush +[[Custom:Bob Shenk|Bob Shenk]]
0006 Prison escape +[[Custom:Vince Shenk|Vince Shenk]]
0007 Rigor Scap accident +[[Custom:Rigor Scap|Rigor Scap]]
0008 The leak at the port +[[Custom:Rigor Scap|Rigor Scap]]
0009 The Judgement of Rigor Scap +[[Custom:Rigor Scap|Rigor Scap]]
0010 The toll before Sand Beach +[[Policeman]]
0011 Sand Beach +Bob Shenk
0012 Space Mini-Figures +[[Red Classic Spaceman]] <small>(2)</small>
0012 The gambling club +Eric Le Karov
0013 Exchange of blood +Eric Le Karov
0013 Space Mini-Figures +[[White Classic Spaceman]] <small>(x2)</small>
0014 Space Mini-Figures +[[Yellow Classic Spaceman]] <small>(x2)</small>
0014 The traders of the city +Newsdealer
0015 Space Mini-Figures +[[Red Classic Spaceman]]
0015 Tenpin bowling in danger +Bob Shenk
0016 Castle Mini-Figures +[[Classic Knight]]
0016 The return of the heroes +Bob Shenk
0017 Alien Familly +[[King Kor]]
0018 Spits of the shuttle +[[Policeman]]
0019 Battlefield : SSS against Alien +SSS Soldier
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