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0-8-4 Transport +[[Custom:Rebel Commando|Rebel Commando]]
0006 Prison escape +[[Hugo Shenk]]
0007 Rigor Scap accident +[[Guillaume Ouhon]]
0008 The leak at the port +[[Bob Shenk]]
0011 Sand Beach +Vince Shenk
0012 The gambling club +Ripeirot's guard
0014 The traders of the city +Baker
0015 Tenpin bowling in danger +Soldier XX
0016 The return of the heroes +Soldier XX
0017 Alien Familly +[[Princess Ulb]]
0018 Spits of the shuttle +[[Captain Org]]
0019 Battlefield : SSS against Alien +Commander Gosh
0020 Black Cave +Alien skeleton
0022 LEGO Dautoville minifigures series +Military robo
0024 The city park +Hash the elf
0030 Dautoville VI Minifigures +Lili Shenk


10000 Guarded Inn +Castle Knight
10001 Metroliner +[[Person|Female]]
10039 Black Falcon's Fortress +[[Black Falcon Knight]] (black)
10041 Main Street +A lady
10075 Spider-Man Action Pack +[[Peter Parker]]
10123 Cloud City +[[Han Solo]]
10131 TIE Collection +[[TIE Pilot]]
10132 Motorized Hogwarts Express +[[Dementor]]
10144 Sandcrawler +[[Jawa]] x3
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