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0008 The leak at the port +[[Lea Ouhon]]
0011 Sand Beach +Guard Of coast
0016 The return of the heroes +Soldier 11
0020 Black Cave +B14-F9
0022 LEGO Dautoville minifigures series +Woof the Duplo dog
0030 Dautoville VI Minifigures +Lea Ouhon


10001 Metroliner +[[Person|Female]]
10075 Spider-Man Action Pack +[[Stunt-Man]]
10123 Cloud City +[[Stormtrooper]]
10144 Sandcrawler +[[R5-D4]]
10176 King's Castle +[[Soldier (Knights' Kingdom)|Soldier]]
10184 Town Plan +[[Octan Worker]]
10188 Death Star +[[Obi-Wan Kenobi|Ben Kenobi]] (Hood)
10193 Medieval Market Village +[[Crown Knight]]
10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT +[[Clone Trooper]]
10196 Grand Carousel +Carousel Rider Six
10199 Winter Toy Shop +[[Winter Village Townsperson Three]]
10210 Imperial Flagship +[[Imperial Guard (Minifigure)|Imperial Guard]]
10211 Grand Emporium +[[Window Cleaner (10211)|Window Cleaner]]
10217 Diagon Alley +[[Fenrir Greyback]]
10223 Kingdoms Joust +[[Young Squire]]
10224 Town Hall +[[Janitor (Modular Buildings)|Janitor]]
10236 Ewok Village +[[Scout Trooper]]
10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout +[[The Penguin]]
1199 Race Cyclists and Winners' Podium +[[Telekom Cyclist]]
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