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Battle Droid +Battle Droid with backpack<br/> Battle Droid with two curved arms<br/> Battle Droid with two straight arms<br/> Battle Droid with one straight and one curved arm<br/> Geonosis Battle Droid<br /> Geonosis Battle Droid (redesigned arm)<br /> [[Battle Droid Commander]]<br /> [[Security Battle Droid]]<br /> [[Pilot Battle Droid]]<br /> [[Rocket Battle Droid]]<br />
Battle Droid Commander +<br />Version 1<br />Version 2<br />Version 3<br />Geonosis
Beauxbatons Student +[[Viktor Krum]]
Becky Blastinoff +2
Belloq +Jungle<br />Normal<br />Robes
Belville Figure +Many
Benny (The LEGO Movie) +[[Blue Classic Spaceman]]
Bernie Von Beam +Mars Mission outfit
Biker Bob +1
Bilbo Baggins +Hobbiton<br />Regular<br />The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Target Exclusive <br> Good Morning Bilbo Baggins!
Black Bart +White scarf and grey legs
Black Classic Spaceman +[[Blue Classic Spaceman|Blue]], [[Red Classic Spaceman|Red]], [[White Classic Spaceman|White]], [[Yellow Classic Spaceman|Yellow]]
Black Falcon Knight +Many
Black Falcon Soldier +Many
Black Futuron Astronaut +[[Blue Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Red Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Yellow Futuron Astronaut]]<br />[[Space Police I Officer]]
Black Jack Hawkins +With black legs, green legs, a peg leg and brown hat
Black Skeleton (Harry Potter) +None
Black Skeleton Warrior +1
Black-and-Green Skeleton +None
Blacksmith (Kingdoms) +2
Blacktron Astronaut +[[Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut]]
Blue Classic Spaceman +[[White Classic Spaceman|White]], [[Red Classic Spaceman|Red]], [[Black Classic Spaceman|Black]], [[Yellow Classic Spaceman|Yellow]]
Blue Futuron Astronaut +[[Black Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Blue Classic Spaceman]]<br /> [[Red Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> [[Yellow Futuron Astronaut]]<br /> See [[Astronaut]]
Blue UFO Droid +[[Andy Droid]]
Bob Bricks/April +<span style="font-family:Segoe Script">2</span>
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