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1137 (Clone Trooper) +See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
1139 (Clone Trooper) +See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
212th Clone Trooper +[[Clone Wars]]<br />[[Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith|Episode III: Revenge of the Sith]]<br />See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
501st Clone Pilot +See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
501st Legion Clone Trooper +See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
A-wing pilot +Original Variant<br/>Flesh redesign<br/>2013 Redesign  +
ADU Computer Specialist +See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Sergeant]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]  +
ADU Sergeant +See [[Astronaut]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]<br />[[ADU Pilot]]<br />[[ADU Rookie]]<br />[[ADU Scientist]]<br />[[ADU Soldier]]  +
ADU Soldier +See [[Astronaut]]  +
ARC Trooper +See [[Clone Trooper]]  +
ARF Trooper +2011 Version<br />2012 Version<br />[[Shadow ARF Trooper]]<br />See also: [[Clone Trooper]]  +
AT-AT Pilot +Original<br>2007 Redesign<br>2010 Redesign  +
AT-ST Pilot +Original<br />2012 Redesign<br />Microfigure<br />  +
Aaron Fox +Aaron Fox<br />Ultimate Aaron<br/>2017 armour  +
Actor +[[Stunt-Man]]<br />[[Johnny Thunder]] Actor<br />[[Mike]] Actor<br />[[Actor 3]]<br />[[Boat Driver]] Actor<br />[[Actress]]<br />[[Pippin Reed]] Actress<br />[[Gentleman]]<br />[[Lady]]<br />[[Police Officer]] Actor<br />[[Captain Redbeard]] Actor<br />[[Quiky]]  +
Actress +Brown Hair<br />Red Hair  +
Admiral James Norrington +James Norrington (Video Game only) <br />Norrington (Disgraced)  +
Admiral Woodhouse +2  +
Agent Chase +Plain, with [[hair]]<br /> With [[Helmet]]<br /> [[My LEGO Network]] artwork<br /> [[LEGO Battles: Ninjago]] pixel figure  +
Agent Fuse +Helmet  +
Ahsoka Tano +Season 1 and 2 outfit<br/>Season 3, 4 and 5 outfit<br>Rebels  +
Alfrid +[[LEGO The Hobbit: The Video Game]]  +
Alien (Mars Mission) +With Jetpack<br/>[[Alien Commander (Mars Mission)|Alien Commander]]  +
Alien (Toy Story) +Normal<br />Green torso, blue head <small>([[Claw Game]] only)</small><br />Painted with yellow/dirt everywhere<br />Painted with blue/dirt everywhere<br />[[DUPLO]] [[DUPLO Figure|figure]]  +
Alien Buggoid +Green<br>Red  +

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