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Q-Bot is a system at LEGOLAND Windsor which helps people get into rides without waiting in queues. If someone registers at Q-Bot, it saves their space in the queue for a ride, enabling them to enjoy other attractions while waiting.

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Let Q-Bot do the Queuing for you! With Q-Bot your virtual queue time reflects the same time as the actual queue length. No you can explore the park, shop or eat and drink in our themed restaurants.

  • Get The Most Out Of Your Day - No need to stand in line! Enjoy the park at your leisure and when it’s your time to ride the Q-Bot will let you know.
  • Lets you choose - There’s something for everyone! Book one ride at a time, from a choice of over 24 attractions.
  • Easy to use - The small handheld device can be used anywhere in the park and accompanies you throughout your day!
  • Each Q-Bot allows up to a maximum of six members of your party to queue together, however it will be set to the number of people you pay for. Children under 3 are not required to pay and will not be put onto the Q-Bot.

Limited availability per day

How Q-Bot works

  • Rent your Q-Bot.
  • Select your ride using the Q-Bot buttons.
  • Receive your ride time on the Q-Bot screen.
  • Explore the park, visit our shops and restaurants or, if you have time, ride a different ride!
  • Go to your chosen ride on or after your allocated time.
  • Enter via the Q-Bot entrance.
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Repeat this simple process for your next ride.


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