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RSQ911 is a subtheme of Town. Most of its sets involved firefighters. After its discontinuation in 1993, firefighters became a part of Rescue.


Out of the five RSQ911 sets, four of them are firefighter-themed. The firefighter sets are mostly bright red and white, with transparent light blue windscreens, and transparent yellow, transparent blue, and transparent red lights. The firefighters have their own base in 6389 Fire Control Center, which also contains a firefighter jeep, a firefighting truck, and a helicopter. The other fighter sets contain the same types of vehicles: there is one helicopter set, one firetruck set, and one firefighter jeep. The other set from this theme, is a medical/emergency set. It is mostly bright yellow and black, with a few white pieces, transparent light blue windscreens and transparent blue and transparent red lights. It contains four vehicles - an emergency transport car/ambulance, a motorcycle, a transport helicopter, and a car.


Image Item number Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1896 Box 1896  Trauma Team  284  5   $27.50  1991 
6389 Box 6389  Fire Control Center  516  4   $52.00  1991 
6511 Rescue Runabout 6511  Rescue Runabout  38  Firefighter     1992 
6531 Flame Chase 6531  Flame Chaser  55  Firefighter     1991 
6593 Blaze Battler 6593  Blaze Battler  126  1     1991 

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