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Rancor Pit 1
LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles Episode 2 Part 101:26

LEGO Star Wars Yoda Chronicles Episode 2 Part 1


The Yoda Chronicles

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1 minute, 25 seconds




Star Wars

Rancor Pit 1 is the third episode of an online series labeled as The Yoda Chronicles.


The episode starts with Luke Skywalker bargaining with Jabba the Hutt for Han Solo. Jabba, instead, releases a trap door that drops Luke and an unfortunate Gamorrean Guard into a pit below. When he hears footsteps, the Gamorrean hides behind Luke. When they see Malakili come out, Luke looks at the Gamorrean in disgust, thinking he was scared of the human, but Malakili then whistles for the Rancor to come out. Malakili throws a chicken leg at the two prisoners to lead the Rancor to them. Luke tries to run away, but the Gamorrean attempts to block him, so Luke disassembles the Gamorrean using the force, runs through him, and reassembles him. The Gamorrean, dazed, picks up the chicken leg. Luke builds a small hiding place with the Force, and the Gamorrean tries to make Luke let him in. The Rancor captures the Gamorrean, and prepares to eat him after seasoning him with salt, but a frightened C-3PO accidentally knocks Leia Organa into the pit. Her fall is stopped by the chain she was attached to, though she is left hanging near the Rancor. The Rancor looks at her and roars, and then the screen fades out. The story is continued in the next episode, Rancor Pit 2.



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