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Return of the Kyber Saber is the thirteenth episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and the series one finale.


On Coruscant, celebrations for Empire day are about to commence, but Emperor Palpatine is still moody about not yet receiving the Kyber Saber. Elsewhere, Naare-led to it's location by R0-GR's head-recovers the last crystal and restores the Kyber Saber, at which point she announces to Palpatine her intent to become the new ruler of the Empire. Back at The Wheel, Rowan restores the torn apart StarScavenger before leading Kordi and Zander to Coruscant in a bid to reclaim the Kyber Saber. Having sent Vader to investigate rebel activity, Palpatine recalls him before making a hasty escape from his palace, leaving the way open for Rowan to implement his plan to deceive Naare. Posing as Palpatine, Rowan orders Naare to hand over the Kyber Saber, only to find out that she has taken enough of Palpatine's mistreatment and intends to destroy him; upon discovering Rowan's true identity she is all the more eager to finish him.

The two then battle with Naare attacking Imperial forces and civilians-including Wick Cooper-indiscriminately, only for Rowan to use his connection to the Kyber Saber crystals to pull them from Naare's grasp and take possession of the weapon. He is briefly egged on by Palpatine to destroy Naare using the saber's power, but refuses to do so and escapes. Imperial forces pursue the Freemakers but are given the slip, while Naare flees only to be captured and frozen in carbonite by Graballa. The Freemakers then dump the Kyber Saber in a volcano on a distant planet before encountering the Rebellion fleet under Admiral Ackbar, who offers them a job.

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