Overall rating:
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5

This set has to be the best LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars set ever with six Clones and two hard to obtain Clone Pilots. I say that an 11 year old can build this set as the build is not that complicated as it seems. This set takes on average two and a half hours for the AT-OT and three and a half hours for the Republic Dropship making a total of 6 hours building time.

The set has two different nose art designs, one of an animal and the other of a clone arm holding a battle droid head. The features include an opening cockpit on both the AT-OT and Dropship, a handle for the Dropship, a boarding ramp for the AT-OT, 16 seats for minifigures on the AT-OT with gun enplacements, an arament bay for the Dropship which holds 8 missiles whislt the 4 missiles are on each wing, flick fire missiles, rotating blaster cannons and finally the ability for the Dropship to pick up the AT-OT!

I would recommend this set to anybody who wants to build up their Clone Army!

Here are the Pros about this set:

  • 6 Clones and 2 Clone Pilots!
  • Two sets in one!
  • Well designed and detailed!
  • Fantastic to build up your Clone Army!
  • Good Features.
  • Easy to build!

Here are the Cons about this set:

  • Overpriced (I recommend £130).
  • Steep boarding ramp.
  • If you drop the Republic Dropship it breaks into pieces where as the AT-OT won't.

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