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This was the first Harry Potter set of 2011 and in my opinion the best Potter set to date. It's the largest with 2025 pieces coming to 7¢/6p per piece and 11 minifigs (5 being exclusive).

The build

This set had three instruction which were divided into the three building (Ollivanders, Borgin and Burkes & Gringotts), it took me roughly half an hour each building but this was like my 3rd big set. It was a fairly basic build with no real rough spots, the hardest part would of probably been the domed roof of Borgin and Burkes, but it did have lots of new techniques in such as the leaning pillars, the domed roof and the balcony or Gringotts.

The minifigures

It has 11 minifigures including Harry(non uniform), Hermionie(non uniform), Ron(non uniform), two goblins(first release), Lucius Malfoy, Garrick Ollivaner(first release), Hagrid, Fred & George (first release) and Fenrir Greyback (you also get a skeleton). Apart from them you also get 3 owls, a bat, a rat, a fish and a chocolate frog.


This is the first building that you construct and comes with alot of neat features such as the "exploding" desk, the ladder and the wand shelves with a clever use of Indiana Jones whips. You get a few wands with the building and alot of wand boxes (which are just normal 1x2s with a sticker over).

Borgin and Burkes

This, in my opinion, is the best building of the three. I love the rounded roof and how it flips up. I love the fire place mainly because with this and the burrow you have a complete flew network, the same with the vanishing cabinet, the other reason why I love the fireplace is that you can turn it around by twisting the chimney. There are loads of other great features and accessories, such as the wanted sign, glow in the dark pieces and skeleton, which makes this building an great, yet unexpected, addition to the set.


This building looks great on the outside, taking centre stage on all the pictures, but has a rather disappointing interior with only a desk and a vault. Saying that you do get a swinging chandelier which is pretty cool and the vault gives you the philosophers stone. The exterior is something though with wonky columns and two balconies which can both hold minifigures.


Along with the buildings you get 3 market stalls and 2 lampposts. The market stalls being a hat shop, cauldrons and a pet stall (what I have to say though is that the sign has a bat, cat and owl on but the set doesn't come with any cats)

Value for Money:
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5
Instruction Manual/Packaging:
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Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5

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