I received the Brandenburg Gate set for Christmas. I recently assembled it and was impressed with the results. It's not exactly perfect, however. I took my time putting it together, and it took me about 40-45 minutes. The first thing issue occured as I began to assemble the roof. The directions called for two levels of wedged pieces to create a roof — however, they didn't line up so great.

There was only one more problem with set. I built the columns, and then I was to lay a 2 by 6 piece on top of the columns to hold them together and create a roofed enviroment. The 2 by 6 pieces didn't line up with the columns harmoniously, and I had trouble fitting them there.

All in all, I was quite satisfied with the model. Like all Architecture sets, it didn't seem too challenging to assemble. The Brandenburg Gate might be my favorite of the Architecture models I've acquired, which includes The Empire State Building, The Sears (Willis) Tower, and The Seattle Space Needle. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Architecture sets.

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