SAM 0028

The finished model, posing with his box art counterpart.

The Stormer 3.0 set is the headstrong leader of Hero Factory team Alpha 1. His 3.0 upgrade has given him some nice new features, each unique in its own way.


The canister depicts a multitude of Scorpios surrounding Stormer, and it seems to contain an error, which may be the forearm pad on his left arm. It still contains the jungle theme of the 3.0 wave nonetheless.


Stormer's upgrade now gives him the rhino-based armor. This can easily be depicted in the bulky build of the armor. Extra horns add up to the build, while the use of a torso part on the left arm is intriguing. The claw doesn't go unnoticed, either. Lego depicts this as one with double fold-out blades, which can be used like fingers, and a so-called "shooter." This is rather ornamental, as it serves no shooting purpose at all.


The 2.0 wave and above sets are easy to build: snap, snap, snap. The anatomical structure, as seen below, shows the body, which is wider than, say, Rocka's. This can be utilized to form wing-like attachments, like the Rocka/Stormer combination model. This is really simple to do, but gets more exciting as you go on, until the finish.

The Finished Model

A little exploring of the model can demonstrate the well-made articulation of the structure. The claw can be used for pointing stances as well, and the armor looks simply dashing.


A small canister at a small price, this is a must buy to use as a starter. Extra models can add to the playability, but overall I can say it will be enjoyable for a good long while.

Building experience
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star gray Star gray 3 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star half 4½ / 5
Value for money
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow 5 / 5
Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star yellow Star gray 4 / 5

At an overall of 4, this is a great choice to consider buying. Take this along with one or two extras, and you'll find yourself with an entire picture gallery full of custom outfits and such.

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