Spinjitzu Starter Set (1 Review)
2257 package
Item number 2257
Number of pieces 57
Minifigures Jay


Price Flag-US $19.99
Flag-DE €19.99
Ages 6 - 14
Released January 2011
Theme Ninjago
Shop@Home Description:
Become a master of Spinjitzu!

Spin your way to victory and become a Spinjitzu master! Build the Spinjitzu Arena, pick your character and play the cards to influence the outcome between Jay, the Master of Lightning, and Frakjaw, the toughest warrior in the Skeleton Army. Set includes 2 minifigures, 2 spinners, 6 weapons, 2 character cards, 8 battle cards, and enough LEGO® bricks to make the Spinjitzu Arena!

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Jay and Frakjaw
  • Features 2 spinners, 6 weapons, 2 character cards, 8 battle cards, and LEGO® bricks
  • Face off against your friends!
  • Use all 6 weapons to battle for glory!
  • Stage all of your Ninjago battles in this ancient arena!
Minifigure Gallery:
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Country: USA     Age Group: TFOL   Gender: Male
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