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This is a nice set that contains the first version of Jay Walker, and Frakjaw. The set also includes six weapons, two spinners, 4 battle cards, and a battle ring. The spinners are older and don't have any cool upgrades like the new ones, but they do spin with not very much effort. To keep the minifigures from flying out of the spinners, you have to painstakingly turn the middle so that some arrows match up. The red and black battle ring is very small and doesn't really help much with the battle. However, you can keep the pieces and build some pretty cool things, such as a goal post. The weapons are average Ninjago type weapons such as a spear, two swords, a staff, a golden mace, and a bone. The weapons add to my Ninja collection, but are not as good as the newer weapons in the newer sets. The cards are not as good as the newer ones. All in all, I would have to say that it is only really good for the figures, and the money. If you sold it now, it could be about 40-50$ on


  • The set could be sold and bought for about 40-50$.
  • It has some old minifigures.


  • 6 older weapons.
  • 2 hard-to-work-with spinners.
  • A useless battle ring
  • Some old battle cards.

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