Ninja Training Outpost (1 Review)
2516 alt1
Item number 2516
Number of pieces 45
Minifigures Cole
Price Flag-US $4.99
Flag-UK £4.99

PLN 24.00

Ages 6 - 12
Released January 2011
Theme Ninjago
Shop@Home Description:
Help Cole master the art of spinjitzu!

A calm, steadfast and strong ninja, Cole spends much of his time mastering the spinjitzu element of earth. Help him learn to fight using all of the weapons in his collection so that when the time comes, he’ll be ready to take on the skeleton army! Set includes Cole minifigure and 5 weapons, scorpion, weapon holder and target.

  • Includes Cole minifigure
  • Features 5 weapons: sword, spear, bow and 2 knives
  • Train the scorpion to fight for the ninjas!
  • Practice your aim with the target!
  • Master all 5 weapons!
  • Ninja Traning Outpost measures over 3” tall (7cm) and 2” (5cm) wide
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