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For a polybag, this was a great set. Included is a small rock formation with a function (yes, a function in a polybag!), where Thor could smash his hammer onto a black TECHNIC piece, and the rock would smash off, revealing the Cosmic Cube. Also, it's a good way to easily get Thor.


Minifigures Included: Thor.


Thor is an Avenger and Asgardian. He is a god and with his hammer, Mjolnir, can strike anything with lightning and only he can pick it up. His hammer is capable of massive destruction, as he can throw it, and as he is holding it, he can fly.

The Build

Building the set was fun, and obviously, extremely easy. I like how they designed the rock formation.

The Pieces

The set comes with several angled bricks, making the rock formation. Also, Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, is included with the set. The Cosmic Cube is a transparent 1x1 brick which was pretty cool.


The Function in this set is awesome. Thor can smash off the Rock Formation with his hammer, revealing the Cosmic Cube hidden behind it. It is built by a black TECHNIC piece.

The Set

The set is definitely fun to play with, being the small set it is and definitely worth the price. As I've said before, the rock formations are designed great, and there is an actual function with the set, and the pieces included are a little rare, especially the 1x1 clear transparent brick, or the Cosmic Cube. Overall, this was a great set and I would recommend getting this set.

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