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Braaaaaiiiiiins, once morrrrrrrrrrre

Zombie Coffin Car, 33 pieces, and my favourite polybag from Monster Fighters.

Got it for $16 online, which, I suppose is a good deal. Another Zombie Driver, my 3rd one.




Nice polybag, the smallest one out of the three bags, but still has quite a lot in the bag. Set in a graveyard, (where else?) and normal MF logo covered behind it with the hoard of bats coming from the moon, even though Lord V hasn't eclipsed the sun yet....


Another Zombie Driver, not sure what to use it for, I like zombies, but having on face is just...meh. Still, they can't put any other figure in it, really. They could have put in Lord V, but I don't care.

The Set


Kind of an odd looking vehicle, if you ask me. But I do really like it, and he's lucky he's in a coffin, he'll need it. If you own the Hearse or the Castle, you could put the coffin lid on it, and make it an autopilot car :P. Has real rubber wheels, which is nice. Nice little exhaust flames, which we don't see as much as we used to. I'm pretty sure the black-black driver's wheel is exclusive to this set. The red headlights amuse me for some reason, probably because with the grille, it looks a robot with slick hair, and evil eyes .


I recommend this poly over the others, as you have more play-ability with this one.

  • Zombieeeee
  • Car
  • Coffin
  • Would have been nice to have a different minifigure
  • No accesories
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