Small Car (2 Reviews)
Item number 3177
Number of pieces 43
Minifigures Person
Price Flag-US $4.99
Flag-DE €4.99
Flag-UK £3.49
Ages 5-12
Released December, 2009 (US and UK)
Theme City
Shop@Home Description:
For the driver who’s always on the go!

It’s time for a fun day of driving around LEGO CITY! Thanks to this compact car’s modern size and styling, you’ll be able to avoid traffic jams and squeeze into tiny parking spaces wherever you go. Includes driver minifigure.

  • Includes car and driver minifigure!
  • Zip around LEGO City in this little compact car!
  • Ages 5+.
Minifigure Gallery:
Screen shot 2010-07-04 at 7.40.19 AM
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Country: US     Gender: Male
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MS8 Businessman

Country: U.S.A.     Age Group: Teenage Fan of LEGO   Gender: Male
DayJoined: March 30, 2011 № of Reviews: 22   FA-goldbrick № of Featured reviews: 1
LEGO Logo Building Experience: Expert

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