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Helicopter and Limousine (0 Reviews)
Item number 3222
Number of pieces 267
Minifigures Air Taxi Pilot
Limo Driver
Price Flag-US $29.99
Flag-DE €29.99
Flag-UK £17.99
Flag-AU $49.99
Ages 5 - 12
Released In Canada October. February 5, 2010 (UK)
Theme City
    City Airport
Shop@Home Description:
Now you’re driving and flying in style!

Whether you’re a movie star, a famous executive or any other V.I.P., there’s no better way to travel than by taking your very own stretch limousine to your very own private helicopter for an exclusive and luxurious flight to exotic destinations around the world! Features removable limo roof and spinning helicopter blades. Includes driver, pilot and 2 passengers.

  • Set includes helicopter and limousine plus 4 minifigures!
  • Take off the limo roof, put the driver at the wheel, seat the V.I.P.’s, then drive away in style!
  • Spin the helicopter’s rotating blades and take off!
  • Ages 5+.
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