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The Emergency Room (0 Reviews)
Item number 3832
Number of pieces 236
Minifigures SpongeBob

Dr. Gill Gilliam

Price Flag-US $29.99
Flag-UK £24.99
Ages 7 - 12
Released 2008 (limited edition)
Theme SpongeBob SquarePants
Shop@Home Description:
SpongeBob's not just under the sea—he's under the weather, too! Quick, load him into the ambulance-boat and drive him to the hospital. Good thing the doctor fish is there with all his medical equipment to help SpongeBob feel better...until the next emergency! Includes SpongeBob, Patrick and fish doctor minifigures! Place Patrick in the driver's seat of the ambulance-boat! Use the ambulance-boat to rush SpongeBob to the emergency room! Use the emergency room equipment to examine SpongeBob!
Minifigure Gallery:
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