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Ramses Pyramid (0 Reviews)
Item number 3843
Number of pieces 231
Minifigures Ramses
Mummy (8)
Blue Explorer
Yellow Explorer
Orange Explorer
Red Explorer
Price Flag-DE €29.99
Flag-AU $39.99
Ages 8+
Released 2009
Theme LEGO Games
Shop@Home Description:
Ramses Pyramid from LEGO Games: A new way to play!

The Mummy King Ramses is planning on conquering all of Egypt with his army of mummies! Unlock the crystal coded layers to climb to the top of the pyramid and defeat the Mummy King, taking his crown and the treasures within. A family game of memory, skill and cunning. Compete against each other or take on the Mummy King together! An entertaining game for 2 – 4 players. Game play approximately 20-30 minutes.


  • 1 buildable LEGO® Dice
  • 13 LEGO microfigures
  • 1 rule booklet
  • 1 building instruction
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