Zombie Car (2 Reviews)
Item number 40076
Number of pieces 60
Minifigures Zombie Driver
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Flag-CA $75.00 (Free)
Ages 6+
Released September 1 2012
Theme Monster Fighters
Shop@Home Description:
Dare to drive with the Zombie Car!

Dig into all of Lord Vampyre’s dirty deeds in the Zombie Car! Use the treaded rubber tires, flame-detailed exhaust and front grill fangs to get more grip in the graveyard or to rip down the roads in the land of monsters. Use the headlight detailing and glow-in-the-dark spider to light a path through the spooky night! There’s no eerie errand too tough for the Zombie Car.

  • Includes Zombie Driver minifigure with hat and shovel
  • Features a flame exhaust, fangs, headlights, treaded rubber tires and glow-in-the-dark spider
  • Makes a great addition to any LEGO® Monster Fighters building set!
  • Measures over 2" (5cm) long, 1" (2cm) wide and 1" (2cm) tall
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