Quidditch Practice (1 Review)
Item number 4726
Number of pieces 128
Minifigures Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy
Madam Hooch

Price Flag-US $14.99
Flag-UK £11.99
Ages 6-10
Released 2002
Theme Harry Potter
Minifigure Gallery:
Harry quidditch 1
Draco quidditch 1
Hooch 1
Harry Potter
(Quidditch Robes)
Draco Malfoy
(Quidditch Robes)
Madam Hooch
(Version 1)
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R final

Country: UK     Gender: Male
DayJoined: AUGUST 25, 2011 № of Reviews: 11   FA-goldbrick № of Featured reviews: 0
LEGO Logo Building Experience: Experienced.

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