The Build

Over All The Burrow Was Fairly Simple To Build. I Found It Slightly Difficult To Place The Top Two Storeys Of The House (Ron's Bedroom And The Twins Bedroom), On To The Main Part Of The House (The Kitchen), As The Two Brown Poles That Help Support The House Would Fall Off, Causing The Structure To Cave In. The Set Included To Instruction Booklets And Were Fairly Easy To Follow.

The Minifigures

4840: The Burrow, Includes 6 Minifigures, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ginny Weasley, And Of Course, Harry Potter. Bellatrix, Arthur, And Molly Are Exclusive To This Set, Being The First LEGO Set That They Have Ever Appeared In. Ginny Weasley Is Also In 4841: Hogwarts Express, But This Variant Of Her In Her Casual Clothes Is exclusive To This Set. As Harry Potter Is In All Of The LEGO Harry Potter Sets In 2010, Then You Can't Exactly Call Him Exclusive, But His Variant In Casual Clothing Is Exclusive To This Set And 10217: Diagon Alley Along With Fenrir Greyback. I Liked All The Character's And Their Accessories But I Was A Bit Disappointed When I Saw That Molly Didn't Have A Wand. If I Could Add Any Minifigures They Would be Fred, George, Ron, Remus, And Tonks Because All Five Of Them Were Also In The Scene In The Movie.

The Book/Movie

The Scene When Bellatrix And Fenrir Attacked The Burrow At Christmas Never Happened In The Book But Was Included In The Movie And LEGO Video Game. Apart From A Few Missing Minifigures Someone Could Easily Replay The Scene From The Movie

The Marshland

The Outside Marshland Piece Is A Neat Addition To The Set. The Marshland Comes With A Catapult, 4 Transparent Gold Cones With "Fire" Along With A Frog And Two Shrubs. The Shrubs Can Hide A Minifigure Behind Them But The Fall Over Easily So Can Get Annoying At Times. Also There Is A Small LEGO Plate With Another Catapult And Four Transparent Red Cones For Firing. The Cones Will Work In The Catapults But They Don't Go Very Far.

The Mechanical Fire Place

The Fire Place Was Neat To Use And I Enjoyed Playing With It. The Minifigure Would Stand In A Small Gap And A Lever Would Turn The Inside Of The Fireplace. The Minifigure Would Be Flung Out Of The Interior And A Sticker With Green "Flames" Printed On Them Would Appear.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen Was Fun To Build And I Enjoy All Of The Surprises That Were In It. The Pig Pen Was A Neat Addition As Well! Within The Kitchen is A Small "Cabinet" With A Lamp On It. Next To Is A Grandfather Clock. The Oven Has A LEGO Plate Piece With An Element Stick. Inside The Oven Is A LEGO Croissant. The Sink Is Pretty Basic With A Tap In It. The Shelves Next To The Sink Have A Stack Of Plates On It And In One Draw Are Knives And In The Other "Forks". On One Side Of The Room Is A Broomstick On The Wall And On The Other There Are Two Frying Pans. The Table Was Neat To Play With But I Didn't Understand Why They Added The Swivel Chairs Next To It. The Bucket In The Side Of The Room Is Handy For Storing Unused Wands.

The Bedrooms

The First Bedroom Has A Set Of Bunk Beds With A Sign That Says Chudley Cannons, Ron's Favourite Quidditch Team. This Bedroom Also Includes A Chest Which Has Two Gold Studs, Porbably Galleons, And Two Socks. The Trunk Probably Belongs To Harry As It Has A White Owl On It Which Must Be Hedwig. The Bedroom Above, Or The Attic Room IS Probably Ron's As That Is Where He Sleeps In The Book. There Is Just A Single Bed, Along With The Quibbler, A Lamp, And A Poster Of A Qudditch Player.


Over All It Is A Great Set And I Recommend To All LEGO Harry Potter Fans!

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