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Legends of Chima (0 Reviews)
50006 alt1
Item number 50006
Number of pieces 211
Price Flag-US $19.99
Flag-DE €19.99
Flag-UK £14.99
Flag-AU $29.99

Additional prices:
Flag-CA $24.99
Flag-NZ $39.99
Flag-CH 26.90 SFr
Ages 7+
Released 2013
Theme LEGO Games
Shop@Home Description:
Strategize and compete against rival tribes for the CHI!

Compete with rival tribes to claim Mount Cavora’s precious supply of CHI with LEGO® Games Legends of Chima! Roll the buildable dice, then take your animals to the desert, jungle and mountains to challenge and battle for the CHI. Use skill and strategy to be first to collect 8 CHI and win the game. For even more variety, change the game using the alternate rules or make up your own to create a truly unique LEGO Games experience. Includes 12 microfigures: 4 crocs, 4 lions and 4 eagles.

  • Includes 12 microfigures: 4 crocs, 4 lions and 4 eagles
  • Features buildable game board, buildable LEGO® dice, 25 CHI, 3 CHI discs, building instruction booklet and a rules booklet
  • Game board features Mount Cavora with CHI waterfall, desert, jungle and mountain bases
  • Send the CHI down the waterfall and see where it lands!
  • Compete as the croc, lion and eagle tribes
  • Be the first to collect 8 CHI!
  • Change the rules and create your own unique game
  • Game play approximately 10-20 minutes
  • For 2-3 players
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