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Hogwarts Castle (0 Reviews)
Item number 5378
Number of pieces 943
Minifigures Harry Potter

Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Draco Malfoy
Professor Dumbledore
Rubeus Hagrid
Professor Snape
Professor Umbridge
Death Eater

Price Flag-US $89.99
Flag-UK £69.99
Ages 7-12
Released May 2007
Theme Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Shop@Home Description:
Aligning with the release of the 5th movie - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - July 2007 - the LEGO Company introduces Item 5378 Hogwarts™ Castle, one of the most iconic and requested sets in the Harry Potter universe. Harry and his friends are back for their fifth year at Hogwart's, and they have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, the nasty Dolores Umbridge. Find the hidden book, document and envelope, reclaim the confiscated items from Umbridge's office, and re-enact the story and more with the Room of Requirements. Offers key scenes and tonality from new film. 9 mini figures, including NEW Dolores Umbridge. Green House with Mandrakes and characters straight from the movie!
Minifigure Gallery:
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