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Rescue Robot (0 Reviews)
5764-0000- Rescue Robot
Item number 5764
Number of pieces 149
Price Flag-US $16.99
Flag-DE €14.99
Flag-UK £13.99
Flag-AU $24.99

Additional prices:
Flag-CA $19.99
Ages 7-12
Released January 2011
Theme Creator
Shop@Home Description:
This robot is standing by and ready for action!

There’s no stopping this fantastic rescue robot with armored chrome head protection, poseable arms and legs, rocket boosters and antenna to pick up distress calls! Customize for every mission! Rebuilds into a laser bot and a robocat! Features armored chrome head protection, light brick, poseable arms and legs, and antenna

  • Includes silver, chrome and translucent elements
  • 3 models in 1: Rebuild into a laserbot and a Robocat!
  • Blast the enemy with the laserbot’s arm-mounted laser beam!
  • Laserbot is fully poseable!
  • Make the nose of the robocat glow!
  • Wag the robocat’s tail!
  • Robot measures 5” (12cm) tall.
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