Ambush Attack (0 Reviews)
5882 alt1
Item number 5882
Number of pieces 80
Minifigures 1
Price Flag-US $11.99
Flag-DE €9.99
Flag-UK £8.99
Flag-AU $15.99

Additional prices:
Flag-CA $14.99
Flag-NZ $19.99
Flag-KR 15,900 원
Ages 5 - 12
Released 2012
Theme Dino
Shop@Home Description:
Avoid the ambush and capture the coelophysis!

As the hero rides his mini off-roader through the jungle on the lookout for dinosaurs, an agile Coelophysis hides behind a bush, ready to pounce. Can our brave hero capture it using his tranquilizer gun before the dino escapes and attacks the city? You decide! Includes hero minifigure and Coelophysis dinosaur.

  • Includes hero minifigure and Coelophysis dinosaur
  • Features mini off-roader with 2 missiles
  • Accessories include jungle foliage and tranquilizer gun
  • Use the tranquilizer gun to capture the dinosaur!
  • Don’t let the dinosaur escape into the city!
  • Mini off-roader measures over 3” (7cm) long
  • Coelophysis stands over 2” (5cm) tall and 3” (7cm) long
Minifigure Gallery:
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