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Pretty good set

I purchased this set at a local store and am quite happy with it. The set includes two minifigures, a police ATV and accessories.

-Police ATV:

The police ATV is small and sturdy. It has clips behind the seat to hold the policeman's accessories. I think that the roll bar with lights is plenty high and gives the ATV a top-heavy appearance. In my opinion, the dark blue/white looks SO much cooler than the normal blue/white. There are no stickers which is a big plus.


Minifigures included are an Elite Police Officer and a Crook. Both have new printing. The Police officer has a cool SWAT team style utility vest and printed accessories on his pants, however he only has a baseball hat, not the helmet like the other Elite Police. The robber's shirt has a new dark grey and black stripe pattern, a rope hanging over his shoulder and several pockets and printed tools like keys and a glass cutter. He wears the standard dark grey beanie hat.


Several accessories are included for both the Policeman and robber. The policeman has a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie. I think that the SWAT team style guys should carry guns, but that's never gonna happen. The robber has a wheelbarrow, which is great, a crowbar and four jewels, two yellow and two blue.


  • Sturdy
  • No stickers
  • Cheap set to get the awesome new Elite Policeman and a wheelbarrow.
  • Good number of accessories
  • Dark blue looks SO cool!


  • Would be nice if the policeman had a helmet and gun

Recommended if:

  • You are a CITY or POLICE fan
  • You want the figures and wheelbarrow
  • You are tired of plain old policemen and want something new
  • For pretty much anyone

Not recommended:

  • If you want maximum playability

Overall a nice set, good for City building and enough elements to make decent scenarios.

Overall Rating:
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Value for Money:
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Play Experience:
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