So I bought Core Hunter today. He's a awesome character with three play features. including the cool Core Remover stool made of 2.0 pieces.

The Build

A litte bit easy. Core Hunter have used the same chest build as Iron Man. but has cool weapons

The Playability

Core Hunter has tons of play features. including the Multi Vision Mask. Hero Core Remover Tool. and a ball launcher. and posability, I am a fan of Core Hunter.


New mask mould

Fantastic colour scheme

Solid and non-gappy design

Many rare. useful and recolored pieces


Short arms

Core Remover tool doesn't remove cores.

No remoulded Glatorian/Agori head

Marvel Ultrabuild advert


Core Hunter is a really good set. It has some flaws. especially you look for them. but he looks very cool and is one of the best HF sets this year. so don't be fooled by it. If you're looking for a mid-sized set. he must be your good choices. Go buy him!

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