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Star Wars 3 in 1 Superpack (0 Reviews)
Item number 66341
Number of pieces 342
Minifigures Clone Trooper (The Clone Wars) (Two)

Clone Trooper (Episode III)
Clone Gunner
Clone Commander
Assassin Droid (Three)
Elite Assassin Droid (Two)
Barriss Offee
Battle Droid (Two)
Super Battle Droid

Price Flag-DE €60.99
Ages 6 - 12
Released January 2010
Theme Star Wars
    The Clone Wars
Minifigure Gallery:
Assassin Droid Silver
Assassin Droid Silver
Assassin Droid Silver
41vEhM0KFfL. SL500
Battle Droid
Battle Droid
Clone Trooper Commander
Clone Gunner-2
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper
Clone TrooperEp3 small
Super Battle droid
Assassin DroidAssassin DroidAssassin DroidBarriss OffeeBattle DroidBattle DroidClone CommanderClone GunnerClone Trooper (Clone Wars)Clone Trooper (Clone Wars)Clone Trooper (Episode III, new design)Elite Assassin DroidElite Assassin DroidSuper Battle Droid
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