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Good set

I got this one along with the Alien Striker set, and both of these together are great.

The minifigures

Two figs, one ADU, one Alien.


Pretty nice face prints, which I think are reused in the 2012 City sets. I don't see why he's wearing vision glasses if he has a helmet... Anyways, nice fig.


Some nice printing, and great leg printing. The head mold is pretty awesome, with the brain bulging out. Cool laser pistol, too.

The Set

The ADU Car

Pretty cool, and a nice turrent-y/full blast gun there, and some great detail. The flicks are OK, but I do not want them.

The alien ship

Really small, but very well made, I think it is easily customisable with other pieces.


I like this set, and another army builder set.

- Cz

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