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7052 UFO Abduction

This is a really great set, and I would definitely recommend it. The highlight of this set is obviously the UFO, which has several awesome features: First of all, it has an easy-to-use light-up brick which sends down a red "tractor beam", which is bright and really cool (although it only leaves a red circle on the floor rather than the cone shown on the box). The way the UFO can abduct minifigures is also really neat and works well. When the UFO is lowered on to a minifigure's head, the rubber pieces securely latch onto the minifigure and you can carry it off. The UFO looks great with a classic circular-with-bubble-cockpit UFO look and plenty of purple and light transparent-green parts.

The minifigure selection is quite good, with an Alien Pilot to man (or alien) the UFO, a terrified farmer to abduct, and an ADU member to protect him (with only one flick missile and a couple of small barriers). The detail on all of the minifigures is impressive, with all of them having detailed printing on the front and back of their torsos and on their legs. The alien's head, although detailed, sticks out a bit though.

The price is quite high for the number of pieces, but I think it is worth it, as it has some rare pieces such as the light-up brick and the set has lots of cool features.

The build is fairly simple, and should not be too difficult for any builder. The build is not particularly interesting, but it does have a couple of good bits and it is not too long.

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